Fathers Robe



163 Million Orphans Worldwide

Millions more Unfathered within Families.

South Africa

3 Million Child Orphans.


9% of Population are Child Orphans.


To take the Father Heart of God to the ‘fatherless’.  to introduce the unfathered to ‘Our Father’, a Prodigal Father of unconditional and unfailing love - Luke 15:22-24

Fathers Robe reaches out to societies ‘fatherless generation’.  A world wide pandemic of orphans and fatherless struggling with loneliness, family-less, abandonment, fright, uncertainty, poverty, worthlessness, a sense of not belonging.

Psalm 82 says ‘Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless, maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed.  Rescue the weak and the needy, deliver them from the hand of the wicked.’

Please partner with us taking the father heart of God to the Fatherless.

Contact Geoff & Michelle Morris - email: fathersrobe@haswa.com